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"To collaborate in the care of our Common Home"

Universal Apostolic Preference no 4.

Throughout this conference we are trying to be as sustainable as possible.

We will be using biodegradable cups made from plants not oil, using sustainable cutlery and crockery and limiting our paper usage where we can.

We will also be locally sourcing our food and beverages where possible. 

South Australia leads in waste management and sustainability. At our College we have excellent waste management processes with categorised bins and food scrap collection for our College Chickens. 

What you can do to help:

  • Register online

  • Bring your own "Keep Cup" for hot beverages

  • Bring along your water bottle to refill for re-hydration throughout the day

  • Bring along your School name badge

  • Where possible consider carpooling

  • Participate in the Flights for Forests program - 

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